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The Nagging Mother Stereotype - 1795 Words

Seminar Instructor: Maria Laura - Iuliana, II Dana Mihailescu American Studies Department â€Å"Ethno-Racial Identity Configuration in American Literature and Culture. Cross-Cultural Encounters† Seminar The Jewish Nagging Mother Stereotype in Delmore Schwartz` â€Å"America! America!† The Jewish nagging†¦show more content†¦Baumann.† (Schwartz 21) Everything has to be in accordance with her expectations and her beliefs, thus she makes her daughter in law quit her prosperous job because as determined by the Jewish tradition the man is the one supposed to sustain and provide for the family. The problem is that her son is not able to hold any job that would sustain a family. â€Å"She insisted that it must end before the marriage took place, since it was not only intolerable that a wife should make her own living, should go to work each day, but it was wrong that the wife should earn more money than the husband.† (Schwartz 19) Arranged marriages become, as stated above, a way through which she exerts her power onto her children. Even Martha`s marriage is somehow related to her mother`s will as she ends up marring a doctor, a Jewish mother`s dream. â€Å"Mrs. Baumann tirelessly praised her son-in-law, and marveled infinitely at his magnanimity in marrying a girl who was unable to have children. She took especial pride in his being a very good doctor, a fact which impressed the women of her acquaintance because they wished most of all for sons or sons-in-law who were doctors.† (Schwartz 24) â€Å"In its origins, a joke about the Jewish mother boasting about her â€Å"son, the doctor,† drew on the enormous pride of the Old World mother that her Americanized son had achieved the immigrant’s dream of success.† (Antler 3) Thus, having a son or aShow MoreRelatedGirls And Girls By Alice Munro875 Words   |  4 Pagesmessage which is the constant battle of gender stereotypes. The audien ce is reading through the point of view of the main character, which is a girl, and her frustration she feels. Through the young girl’s experience, Alice Munro is able to show the readers the role of stereotypes or expectations that a female has to fulfill. The main character’s mother believes that the girl is best fit in the kitchen aiding her because she is a female. When her mother comes in the barn, she tell her father â€Å"andRead MoreAnalysis Of The Film The Butler909 Words   |  4 Pagestime following the life of the main character Cecil Gaines, portrayed by Forest Whitaker. The opening scene shows that Gains grew up on a plantation in Georgia, picking cotton with his mother and father as a family of sharecroppers. The audience watches helplessly as a young Gains witness both the rape of his mother by the owner of the land and the subsequent murder of his father in front of him. The movie skips around, showing that Gains were brought into the house to become a servant to the whiteRead MoreEssay about Conflict of Cultures in the film Bend It Like Beckham1198 Words   |  5 PagesConflict of Cultures in the film Bend It Like Beckham Gurinder Chada creates conflict of cultures in various different ways in the film Bend It Like Beckham. Gurinder Chada uses techniques such as accents in the voice, contrasts, stereotypes, sarcasm, characterization and juxtaposition of British and Indian cultures which creates humour. This creates a film that attracts the attention of the audience and keeps them interested in the storyline. In the film Bend It LikeRead MoreRecitatif Critical Analysis1312 Words   |  6 Pagesstruggling to figure out his sexual identity throughout the novel who then decides to move to Paris to find his identity. We learn from the very beginning that David’s mother died when he was very young; he was raised mostly by his dad. Which is similar to Recitatif, where Twyla and Roberta are raised in the orphanage without their mothers. This is just one similarity that the two stories have. David is ashamed of his sexuality because, during this time, it is not widely accepted. Sometimes he seems atRead MoreBless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya1390 Words   |  6 Pagesfact, she helped give birth to Antonio. She was responsible for burying his afterbirth. In this culture, the one who buries the afterbirth is said to contain the secret of the childs destiny. This becomes a main part of the book, since the father and mother are always trying to get Ultima to tell them the secret. Antonios m om, a catholic, has always dreamt of him becoming a priest. Throughout the book she always considers Catholicism to be the way to knowledge of good and evil. Gabriel, Antonios dadRead MoreEssay on Willy Russells Educating Rita1163 Words   |  5 Pagesdepicted as having made stereotypes of the other: Rita: Can I smoke? Frank: Tobacco? Rita: Yeh. Was that a joke? And: Rita: You wouldnt watch ITV would y? Its all BBC with you, isnt it? Frank: Well I must confess Rita: Its all right, I know. Soon as I walked I here I said to meself, Y can tell hes a Flora man. Frank: A what? Rita: A Flora man. Frank: Flora? Flowers? In these two passages in scene one, it is possible to see the stereotypes that both Rita andRead MoreAfrican American Women : The Mammy, The Jezebel, And The Matriarch2946 Words   |  12 PagesAmerican women have been an oppressed group since slavery times and are still being oppressed in one of the simplest ways: through stereotypes. Though there are several stereotypes of African American women we will only focus on three of them, which have transcended through time and taken on new names, the mammy, the jezebel, and the matriarch. All three of these stereotypes have an origin in slavery times and were used to justify mistreatment of African Americans (Collins 2000). In fact, portrayingRead MoreStructured Gender Roles And Effects Of A Family1207 Words   |  5 Pagesman who had contradicted him had no titles. That s why he had called him a woman†(26). In â€Å"Things fall apart† by Chinua Achebe, structured gender roles play a significant role in the village of Umuofia. Okonkwo s violences and anger take these stereotypes to a n extreme, damaging his relationships with close relatives. The women’s roles in things fall apart are greatly underestimated due to structured gender roles. Aspects of respect that is deserved and wished isn’t granted, but they would stillRead MoreRear Window Directed By Alfred Hitchcock Essay1575 Words   |  7 PagesGender ideologies are apparent in all areas of life. Whether it be online, in TV shows, movies or in person, this idea of a specific role for each gender is almost inescapable. The stereotypes of both what women and men should aspire to be and follow are ever changing in today’s current society. However, in 1954, gender roles were very specific and it is shown throughout the film, Rear Window directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Through this film, gender ideologies are challenged but ultimately remain unshatteredRead MoreRear Window ( 1954 ) And Stella Dallas1403 Words   |  6 Pageseach female character and the reactions given by both society and their male counterpart within t that role also differs greatly in each film. While in both films women are depicting in the classic caregiving, beauty obsessed, somehow nagging sense as greatly stereotypes within the film world, the status of each woman differs leading to a different cause and effect. The film makers utilize different filming techniques to convey their messages and evoke different reactions and emotions from their audience

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Kibera Slum Free Essays

Kibera Case Study:- [pic] Kibera is a slum divsion in the City of Nairobi, Kenya. It is located 5 kilometres from the city centre. It is the largest slum in Nairobi and the second largest in Africa. We will write a custom essay sample on Kibera Slum or any similar topic only for you Order Now A 2009 population and housing survey reported that Kibera’s population as 170,070. It is hard to acccurately compute the population due to the fact that the slum hasnt been officially reconised by the Kenyan government. Furthermore because it is a slum, residents may not be able to read or write, so filling in censes are a problem. General Facts:- |Population |700-900k | |Distance from Nairobi |7 km | |Physical size (acres) |~630 | |Portion of people earning 15% | |Est. AIDS orphans |50,000 | |Portion of people renting |93% | |Avg. monthly rent |$15USD | |Avg. # rooms per dwelling |1. 11 | |Typical room size |9†² x 9†² | It is a place where the people who live there face innumerable challenges, including the following, to name a few†¦ †¢ Living in one-room houses made of mud, with tin roofs with about 1m? of space per person. †¢ No running water (most water has to be purchased from brokers) †¢ Little to no access to electricity †¢ Widespread unemployment and low wage-earning rates ( $1 a day for the majority) †¢ Rampant disease, from malaria to cholera to HIV †¢ Lack of ownership of their property Improvements:- After a decade or so there has been an increase in efforts to improve conditions. The most notable example is KENSUP, or the Kenya Slum Upgrading Project, which is sponsored by UN-HABITAT. Resulting from a 2000 meeting between President Moi and the UN Human Settlements Programme, KENSUP aims to improve physical structures in Kibera and other slums through a process called â€Å"slum upgrading. † The program calls for the temporary relocation of residents of Kibera to adjacent â€Å"decanting sites,† allowing the construction of permanent dwellings to proceed in the Kiberan villages. Work has commenced in the Soweto East village, and as of September 2009, the first decanting site was under construction. Kibera needs land/tenancy rights, housing, water, electricity, health clinics, education, employment, security plus much more. All these issues are being addressed to a lesser or greater extent by many organizations including the Churches, UN-Habitat, MSF, AMREF etc. Money is finding its way through from many international organizations including Gates Foundation, Bill Clinton Foundation, all the well known charities and of course the churches both in Africa and internationally. How to cite Kibera Slum, Papers

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The Hook First Sentences of Frankenstein free essay sample

Kaylynn Charbonneau First Sentences Exercise Diamonds are a girl’s best friend as they say. When you get engaged, you start out with a beautiful ring that catches everyone’s eye. The same can be said about writing. You want to start out by engaging your reader and getting them excited by beginning with an extravagant statement. Such is true with the novel, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly. You will rejoice to hear that no disaster has accompanied the commencement of an enterprise which you have regarded with such evil forebodings. This sentence starts the novel with a bang.Between the word choice and the verbiage, it had me immediately want to keep reading and my thoughts were racing trying to guess what the story was about. These few words were the diamond that made me say yes, I have to read this book. From the very first sentence in this book, I was hooked. We will write a custom essay sample on The Hook: First Sentences of Frankenstein or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The word choice in this sentence is superb, the vocabulary transports me to another world that could only exist centuries ago. It made me feel like I am on this journey with him verses the one reading the letter. I wanted to know about his risky endeavors that his family was worried about.Not only that but I wanted to live this journey with him. I wanted to keep reading because he seems relieved to inform his sister that everything is going well and she was wrong. But knowing how books go, Im sure that will change. Imagine a dangerous journey, a mission that your family doesnt want you to go on. One surrounded by bad predictions and an overall sense of doom. Thats all I could picture when I first read the starting sentence. I can just imagine that this book will be full of adventure and possibly misfortune on a journey that the main character will be on.I expect a lot of twists, turns, and obstacles that every good book should have. First sentences are crucial and can be the star of the book if written properly. They can make the book stand out and shine, just like a diamond ring. It can set up the entire book and decide whether or not your audience is going to continue to read your story. Mary Shelly, the author of Frankenstein, defiantly accomplished that by creating a starting sentence that hooks the reader and has them begging for more.

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010 Metaphors and Lessons Professor Ramos Blog

010 Metaphors and Lessons Quick Write Quick Write What should the reader take away after reading your narrative? Metaphors of Life We use metaphors to help people understand what we are trying to say. Instead of explaining that life comes with many surprises and so on, you can use a simple metaphor. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. Forrest Gump The metaphor explains how Forrest sees the world. His philosophy of life that he learned from his mom. It’s short and explains a lot. Now you will write some â€Å"I am like† statements and perhaps link them to times, places, or memories in your narrative. Here are some templates to follow that will help you make some of your own. At five years old, I was like a . . . At ten years old, I was like a . . . At work, I am like a . . . At school, I am like a . . . These statements can be used to illustrate scenes and examples, that further explain the points you are making in your narrative. If you want to see some other metaphors, here is a  long list of life metaphors. So What? Making the Point Clear An important aspect of writing is making sure that your point is clear. Even in these narratives where we are exploring ourselves. You want the reader to know the lesson or point you learned from reflecting and writing. Here are some questions to consider when concluding your narrative: What did you learn about literacy? How do you learn? How have others helped you? What should the reader take away after reading this? Why does this matter? The literacy narrative helps us to understand how we learned something. Whether we had a teacher, an instruction video, or from trial and error. Make sure the literacy lesson or point is clear to your reader. We are going to publish this online for the benefit of others. Think about your audience and how you can help them to learn something from your experience. Quick Write What is the point or lesson of your narrative? What should your readers learn or take away from reading your narrative. So what? Why is it important? Why does it matter? Gaming Can Make a Better World Summarize the TED talk in one paragraph.

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HANA The movie â€Å"HANA-BI† or â€Å"Fireworks† tells a story of a retired police officer who has left his work for emotional reasons, due to the accident with his friend. As such, his life has turned into a completely different experience, and he has to adjust to different values and morals.Advertising We will write a custom article sample on â€Å"HANA-BI† a Movie by Takeshi Kitano specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More One of the key scenes in the movie is where Nishi is sitting by the fire with his wife Miyuki. She has leukemia and Nishi is taking care of her. The inevitability of the decease is written on his face in several instances during the movie. The scene where they sit and laugh by the fire is significant for several things. The formal elements of the clip include a married couple spending time together. From a side, it would be impossible to suppose that one has a deadly disease while the other is eternally s addened by the fact that nothing can be done. It seems like a separate moment in time where all the worries are taken away, and only the fire and the company of a close person are being paid attention to (HANA-BI). The thematic elements of the clip are tied into the main theme that even though there are happy moments, they must be mixed with pain and suffering. It is thus representative of life and all the perturbations that make people so vulnerable to the circumstances and conditions of being alive. The scene is thus connected to the whole film, as one story flows into another and the setting is changed completely (Phillips 2007). The continuous nature of life is represented by the situations that Nishi finds himself in, and the course of action he chooses. The scene is filled with feeling because Kitano has had a life full of emotional situations, and has experienced pain first hand. He knows how important it is to value each moment that is given to people, as even those miniscul e pieces in time can be taken away in a blink of an eye (Norden 1994). In a greater historical context, it is possible to recognize the hardships that accompany the battle for happiness and survival. A particular emphasis is made on the struggles of a person who is fighting an illness, their personal lives and those of people around. It is meant to show the pain that relatives and close people go through. Previously, such deadly conditions were even less managed than today, so it is meant to signify the progress that has been made, even though it is not enough to save people’s lives.Advertising Looking for article on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In reality, it is difficult for Nishi to be beside his wife, look at her and realize that some day he will not be able to talk to her or spend time simply sitting by the fire and laughing. This shows a true emotional connection that he has with anoth er person, and this scene is meant to teach others how fragile life is (Belton 1996). The movie is filled with moments that are emotional, sentimental and heartfelt. It has been acclaimed as a work of art because it touches the inner corners of the person’s heart, and makes one wonder about the true values of life. The scene very directly and vividly describes the relationship between two people, and the connection to the outside influences which are rarely anticipated by people and their seeming strength. Belton, John. Movies and Mass Culture. London, UK: Continuum, 1996. Print. HANA-BI. Ex. Prdod. Kitano Takeshi. Chiyoda-ku, Tokya: Nipppon Herald Films. 1997. Film. Norden, Martin. The Cinema of Isolation: A History of Physical Disability in the Movies. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1994. Print. Phillips, Alastair. Japanese Cinema: Texts and Contexts. New York, NY: Taylor Francis, 2007. Print.

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Strategic Change Context Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Strategic Change Context - Essay Example (Grant, 2010) This way, an organisation can constantly monitor and examine the change under implementation. It helps to visualise the change a process rather than a fixed and controllable transition of events. (Grant, 2010) A force-field analysis is a tool that helps in determining, analysing and evaluating the various forces that stand for or against a proposed change. The use of this technique helps in offering alternatives to propel the decisions towards the desired change. (Lynch, 2008) With the knowledge of these forces, an organisation possesses information to amend the identified loopholes in the change process. In addition, all efforts are put in the task of pushing towards the achievement of the intended organisation strategy. (Wickham, 2008) Meg Whitman, as the overseer of the change in the declining organisation was to examine the extent of the change needed in terms of the depth, superficiality and whether the change should be transformational. In the implementation of change, Meg had to find out what was working and what was not. The manager is seen to exercise this element of change by eliminating the resources that tended to bar the interaction of the